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Bond Cleaning


Bond Cleansing or End of Lease Cleaning: is performed when a tenant vacates a rental property. It ensures that the property is returned to its original condition as stipulated in the lease agreement, in order to reclaim the bond deposit. This service typically involves a thorough cleaning of all areas, including floors, walls, fixtures, appliances, and windows.

Our comprehensive bond or exit cleaning service encompasses:

  1. Thorough cleaning of all windows, both inside and outside.
  2. Professional steam cleaning of carpets.
  3. Wiping down the interior and tops of all cupboards for a pristine finish.
  4. Sparkling clean swimming pool (if applicable).
  5. Careful cleaning of walls to remove any marks or blemishes.
  6. Attention to detail with window finishings, ensuring blinds and curtains are spotless.
  7. Removal of insects and dirt from light fittings, followed by polishing for a gleaming appearance.
  8. Complete vacuuming and mopping of all floors.
  9. Thorough cleaning of window tracks to eliminate any build-up.
  10. Professional oven cleaning for a fresh and hygienic kitchen.
  11. Wiping down all surfaces to remove any stains or marks.
  12. Washing extractor fans to ensure optimal performance.
  13. Ensuring skirting boards are free from marks and dust, enhancing the overall cleanliness of the space.

Experience the difference with our meticulous cleaning services tailored for your peace of mind.

  • Pre-inspection cleaning
  • Tax Invoices provided.
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